Safety & Security


Safety & Security

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Safety & Security:

Safety & Security system play a important role on vessel. All ships must carry certain emergency and life-saving equipment. Also it mandatory have some fixed & portable instrument onboard to detect the Fire, Smoke, Toxic gases etc.

The use of fire detectors is increasing, particularly with the tendency to reduced manning and unmanned machinery spaces. A fire, if detected quickly, can be fought and brought under control with a minimum of damage. The main function of a fire detector is therefore to detect a fire as quickly as possible; it must also be reliable and require a minimum of attention.

To maintain safety conditions during marine tanker operation, gas detection, and measurement is important for the vessel and its personnel safety. Ships carrying toxic or flammable products (or both) should be equipped with at least two instruments that are designed and calibrated for testing the gases of the products carried. If the instruments are not capable of testing for both toxic concentrations and flammable concentrations, then separate sets of instruments should be provided.

Splash marine provide services for following system.

  • Wired and wireless Addressable Fire Detection System
  • Portable and fixed Gas Detection System
  • CCTV System